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Chairman's Award Winners

The Chairman Award is given every year to a couple who have spent many years promoting and doing everything they can to enhance the square and round dance activity.  When the General Chairman comes from the Indiana Dancers Association, the award is given to an IDLA member.  When the General Chairman comes from the Indiana Dance Leaders Association, the award is given to an IDA member.  This quickly becomes the most challenging duty of the general chair.

The 2014 Chairman's Award Winners started square dancing in the early 1970ís and danced for a few years in their own separate club.  They met in the early 1980;s and started dancing again and became active in the Indy B&B club where they held many offices more than once.

In 1999 they were Central Area Treasurer thru 2000.

In 2000 they were Central Area Directors and are currently in that position.

In 2001 they became Central Area Chairman and are currently in that position now.

In 2002 they were the Chairman for the New Dancersí Roundup along with the years 2013 and 2014.

In 2005 they were appointed to the Indiana Square and Round Dance Convention Board and were on the Board thru 2011 and were Registration and Housing Chairman.

In 2011 Chuck McConnell became Central Area Vice-Chairman and is currently in that position.

In 2012 Chuck and Lois became State Vice-President of IDA and held that position for 1 year.

In 2013 they were elected as State President of IDA and are currently holding that position now.

Competition Winners

The square dance competition is held every year on Saturday and dancers get to showcase their skills in front of a great crowd.  The competition is just for fun, but does challenge even the best dancer. All calls come from the basic/mainstream list and each square is given the proper time to complete each call. Below are the 1st and 2nd place winners for 2014.


 2014 Convention Chairman,

Gary and Deb Hutton

Past Chairman Award Winners


Year                     Name                                                                Presented by


2014                    Lois Daugherty and Chuck McConnell                Gary and Deb Hutton


2013                    Ives and Carol Pruett - IDLA                             Lowell and Becky Wilson


2012                    John and Carolyn Cook - IDA                            Dave and Judy Mouton


2011                    Doris and Gene Swain - IDLA                             Chuck and Nadine Henry


2010                    Tony and Janine Batta - IDA                               Gary and Deb Hutton


2009                   Shirley and Don Heiny - IDLA                              Don and Ruth Gauck


2008                    Don and Ruth Gauck - IDA                                  Dave and Judy Mouton


2007                    Darrin and Tammy Henry - ISDCA                       Tony and Janine Batta


2006                    Dave and Nina Upton - IDA                                 Darrin and Tammy Henry


2005                    Larry and Ellen Cole - ISDCA                               Lowell and Becky Wilson


2004                    Ernie and Barbara Stone - IDA                              Frank and Valerie Hess


2003                    Dick and Kay Burns - ISDCA                               John and Carolyn Cook


2002                    Ted and Betty Vaile - ISDCA                               J.D. and Mary Strauser

    Lowell and Becky Wilson - IDA 



Dancing Fun at the Marriott - 2014