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If you would like to call or cue at the 2023 Convention you must first register at then fill out the profile form. If you have not called or cued at our convention before, you must be approved by the convention board. We thank you for sharing your talents by making 2023 a great convention!


2023 Dance Leaders



Line Dance


Square Dance Callers


Name City and State

Years Calling

Travis Cook Crestwood, Kentucky 19
Teresa Berger Indianapolis, Indiana 13
Andrew Berger LaPorte, Indiana 13
Tom Davis Dayton, Ohio 44
Gary Hutton Anderson, Indiana 18
Kristy Woods Indiana 12
Darrin Henry Byrdstown, Tennessee 43
Bill Garrison Indianapolis, Indiana 5
Chuck Woods Indiana 5
John Harden Calendonia, Illinois 5
James Cha Morton Grove, Illinios  
Doug Cline Indianapolis, Indiana  
Betsy Gotta North Brunswick, New Jersey  
Dennis Clark Anderson, Indiana 33
Keith Dishman Muncie, Indiana 15
Edward Pabst Marietta, Ohio  
Janet Lewis Brownstown, Indiana 5
Rex Parker Wadsworth, Ohio  
Amanda Skidmore Pewee Valley, Kentucky 11
Doris Swain Indianapolis, Indiana 49
Victoria Bundy Memphis, Tennessee  
Pamela Courts Batavia, Ohio  
Philip Peak Indianapolis, Indiana  
Jason Raleigh Grove City, Ohio  
Christine Stefy McHenry, Illinois  


Round Dance Cuers


Name City and State

Years Cueing

Gary Hutton Anderson, Indiana 11
Roy Gotta North Brunswick, New Jersey  
Shirley Heiny Idaville, Indiana 45
Nancy Fulaytar Anderson, Indiana 3
Carol Pabst Marietta, Ohio  
Elaine Wintrow Covington, Ohio  
Charlene Mann Winchester, Kentucky 8
Pam Stultz Ridgefarm, IL 35
Gene Eckley Swanton, Ohio  
Roger Latchaw Charlotte, Michigan  
Pamela Riley    
Katie Raleigh Grove City, Ohio  
Connie Wise Amory, MS